Why Nature Needs Superheroes Like YOU!

Our mission hasn’t changed over the years, but our challenges have.

For over a century the Audubon Society of Rhode Island has protected birds, wildlife and their habitats through education, advocacy and conservation for the benefit of people and all living things.

The challenges affecting today’s environment are on the rise as we face climate change and new threats to our valuable natural resources.

To remain a strong independent voice for nature, we need a secure source of revenue. Our goal is to make Audubon invincible.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island IS Independent

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island was founded in 1897 as an independent, nonprofit organization for “the promotion of and interest in bird life, the study of ornithology and the protection of wild birds and their eggs from unnecessary destruction.”

Audubon was the first environmental organization in Rhode Island.

Today we are still proudly independent and not affliated with the National Audubon Society or any national or governmental agency. Our support has come from, and always will be, from individuals like you.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island is NOT a Wealthy Organization

Audubon is the largest, private, independent landowner in Rhode Island. We are rich in acres of protected land, but we lack the financial strength to steward, grow and preserve Rhode Island forever.

The minimum, best practice, standard for land stewardship is one trained wildlife refuge manager per 1,000 acres. Currently, we only have staff resources to properly steward 4,000 of our nearly 10,000 acres.

What is good stewardship? Keeping a trained eye on our properties – invasive species, poaching, illegal dumping and more – so that problems are addressed, trails are maintained, and nature enthusiasts like you are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Audubon wildlife refuges.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island IS a Powerful Voice for Nature

For more than a century, the donor-supported Audubon Society of Rhode Island has advocated to protect nature in our state. We were instrumental in drafting the very first laws to protect birds, rivers and streams – we continue to fight for the environment every day.

Audubon has...

  • ...lobbied to outlaw the slaughter of birds
  • ...drafted the first laws to protect salt marshes and freshwater wetlands
  • ...lobbied to ban DDT
  • ...advocated to protect water in rivers and streams
  • ...led the fight to prevent the Big River Reservoir

Today, Audubon...

  • ...leads the fight to ban river and stream polluting cess pools
  • ...works to increase buffers between development and wetlands
  • ...leads the effort to save bees and other pollinators from dangerous pesticides
  • ...advocates for nature-based infrastructure to mitigate the negative effects of climate change

The battle to preserve Mother Nature never stops. We can only remain vigilant with your support. Rhode Island’s natural treasures are assaulted every year. Help give Mother Nature a fighting chance!

Audubon Society of Rhode Island PROTECTS Natural Resources
From the Air We Breathe to the Ground Beneath our Feet

As the largest independent landowner in the state, Audubon properties ensure an environment where numerous populations of birds, plants and other wildlife can thrive. Our refuges welcome and host returning native species like Ospreys and Eastern Bluebirds. Miles of trails offer a healthy environment for hiking, birding, and nature observation. Our forests also play a critical role in purifying the air we breathe.

You can breathe easier knowing that Audubon is protecting nature for you and wildlife too.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island PREPARES the Next Generation of Nature Heroes

Audubon provides hands-on environmental education to tens of thousands of children in every school district across the state. In the last decade, over a quarter million children have taken part in a school program, attended Audubon summer camp, or visited our wildlife refuges to learn about native plants and animals and why we must protect them.

Rhode Island schools and educators depend on Audubon to provide programs, resources and outdoor educational experiences on our wildlife refuges and at the Audubon Environmental Education Center on the shore of Narragansett Bay.

Children Discover Nature with Audubon

Andy is a wonderfully curious nine-year-old boy. He had never touched a salamander before, but he knew “it looks like a monster!” He stretched his hands as far as he could... “They’re this big! I saw one once on TV."

Like many children from Rhode Island’s urban neighborhoods, Andy had only learned about nature from television. He had never seen turtles basking in the sun...or found a salamander under a log. He had never experienced the magic of nature until he went to an Audubon Summer Camp on a scholarship, paid for by kind and generous donors like you.

We can make Audubon Invincible … but ONLY with YOUR help.