You Can Be An Audubon Superhero.


For over 120 years the Audubon Society of Rhode Island has been protecting nature. We protect and conserve wildlife habitat, we teach children about nature's importance, we fight for the environment.

We can't do it alone. Forces greater than Audubon try to destroy nature … build more buildings, turn more habitat into house lots, dump more toxins into our air, water and onto our land.

Audubon must be strong. It must always have the funds to defend Mother Nature. Audubon needs YOU!

Become a superhero for nature. Join our campaign to make Audubon invincible by growing our endowment, our life force, that provides the needed resources to protect land, educate children and defend nature at the statehouse and town hall.



Cynthia Warren and Martin Bauermeister • Peter and Kay Lisle • Samuel and Elizabeth Hallowell • Christopher and Candace Powell • Martin and Charlotte Sornborger • Everett and Kristine Stuart • Owen Heleen


Carolyn Aust • Mary Rogers Beckert • R. Keith Blackwell • Jane K. Blount • Dickson and Emily Boenning • Karen Boulanger • John Brezinski • Nicholas and Julia Califano, MD • Nathan and Mary Chace • Dr. Louis Corvese, MD • Carolyn B.D. Cumming • Severyn Dana • Patricia Dwyer • Ewing Family • Robert and Wendy Fournier • Joan and George Gardiner • David and Mary Gumbley • Samuel and Elizabeth Hallowell • Eric Harrah • A. Max Kohlenberg, Esq., and Rebecca Minard • Lorraine M. Leany • Peter and Kay Lisle • Henry and Edith Meyer • Terry Meyer • Cynthia and James Patterson • Susan Romano • Sharpe Family Foundation • Charlotte and Martin Sornborger • Linda Stanich and Douglas Stephens • Everett and Kristine Stuart • Michael Viveiros and Suzanne Dunkl • Cynthia Warren and Martin Bauermeister


Lisa Maloney
Susan and Louis Mansolillo
Eugenia S. Marks
Lucille P. Martin
Robert and Theresa Mathiesen
Elizabeth Morancy
Mary Neil
Julie Newton
Bernie Oakley and Rebecca Smith
Lisbeth and Lawrence Obrien
Russell Chateauneuf and Seta Ohanian-Chateauneuf
Suzanne and Peter Oppenheimer
Robert and Bettina Packard
Dolores Paine
Catherine Partridge
Suzanne and Peter Paton
Richard and M. Jean Pearce
Ellen Pearson
Harold and Maria Pomeroy
Candy and J. Christopher Powell
Judith Queen
Frederick and Diana Reisman
Don Rhodes
Derwent Riding
David and Jennifer Riedel
Alice W. Roe-Grenier
Hilary R. Salk
Milton and Betty Salomon
Jonathan Scoones and Jennifer Pereira
Deming and Jane Sherman
Roger and Diane Shott
Mark Sigman and Susan Dey-Sigman
Lola F Smith
Mary Alice Smith
Virginia and Nick Sofios
Mary C. Speare
Linda Stanich and Douglas Stephens
Linda A. Steere and Edward R. DiLuglio Fund Alicia Taft
Lawrence and Mary Louise Taft
Maija Lutz and Peter Tassia
Robert and Patricia Trudeau
Julia A. Tullis
Jill Tyler
Dan and Katherine Tyler
Mary Jane Vaillancourt
James VanCleve and Claudia Strauss
Bettie J. Weber
Stephen Weiss
Elizabeth S. White
Janice Williams
David and Ina Woolman
John Woolsey
Nancy S. Wright
Sandra Wyatt

Deborah Barral
Allison and Charles Barrett
Robert and Mitzi Berkelhammer
John and Karen Bracken
Robert and Linda Brennan
Douglas and Wendy Brennen
Abigail Brooks and Nick Long
Loren Byrne and Kim Seymour
Kim Calcagno and Christopher Martin
Christian and Lauren Capizzo
Drew Carey
Pauletter Caron-Andreas
Mark and Elizabeth Carrison
Steven Church
Charles and Eilish Clarkson
Judy Colaluca
Raymond and Debra Coleman
Stephen and Teresa Conlon
Jennifer Critcher
Jennie B. Crooks
William DeAngelus
Raymond H. Dearden
Frank P. DiGregorio
Anne DiMonti
Dulgarian Brothers Uniforms Work Clothes & Safety Products Walt and Hollie Galloway
Thomas Getz and Margaret Finn
Nannette Ghanatzian
Cynthia Gianfrancesco and Chuck Hobert
Katherine Gibson
Arthur and Marion Gold
Lisa L. Gould
Ethel Halsey
Alfred and Marie Hawkes
Donald Hayden
Donald Heitzmann
Owen Heleen
Jana Hesser
Amber Hewett
Paula Hooper
Tom Humphreys and O'rya Hyde-Keller
Wendy Ingram
George W. Johnson
Simone Joyaux and Tom Ahern
Sona Kalfaian-Ahlijian and Sondra V. Pitts
Grace and Brian Keeler
Robert D. Kenney
Margaret Kerr and Robert Vanderslice
Keith and Susan Killingbeck
Robert and Connie Kok
Mary and Robert Kollar
Michael Laboissoniere
Laura Landen
Mrs. Marjorie F. Larson
Alicia Lehrer
Deborah S. Linnell

We can make Audubon Invincible … but ONLY with YOUR help.